Nurture Bracelet - Gold


Nurture Bracelet in Gold

Leto Collection - The Goddess of Motherhood

A love impossible to measure, a connection that can’t be broken and a memory that lives forever in our hearts. The motherhood journey has a beginning but no end. Celebrating the treasured connection between mother and child our Leto collection represents how these souls are interlocked for all time.

Our delightful Nurture Bracelet has been designed to embody the bond between a mother and child. Delicately crafted with a hammered finish, the bracelet features two interlocking circles representing the unbreakable connection shared between a mother and her little one. With three loops for adjustable sizing, wear this enchanting piece as a reminder of your unconditional love or gift it to someone special to honour the precious bond of motherhood.

As with each and every one of our pieces our Nurture Bracelet is lovingly gift boxed and includes an inspiring message just for you. We are all about spreading the love, that’s why our loyalty program also offers you free love tokens for every purchase you make from our store.... so you can come back and spoil yourself or someone else again even sooner!

Nurture Bracelet is also available in Silver.