Freya Ring - Gold


Freya Ring in Gold

Anahata - The Heart Chakra Collection. 

When our Heart Chakra is open we have a great capacity to love and experience unconditional love. We designed our Freya Ring to awaken the tactile senses of love. Reminding you to engage in activities that feed and nourish your heart.

Etched with the symbol to represent the heart chakra our Freya Ring is from one of our most popular collections. With an elevated appeal she is one of the most eye-catching rings from all our collections.

Each and every Love Lunamei piece is lovingly gift boxed and includes an inspiring message just for you. We are all about spreading the love, that’s why our loyalty program also offers you free love tokens for every purchase you make from our store.... so you can come back and spoil yourself or someone else again even sooner!

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