Seeker Necklace - Gold


Seeker Necklace in Gold

Soul Searcher Collection - The quest to live a life with purpose

She is not afraid to dive into the deepest corners of her conscience to evaluate her life, her values and her emotions. For once she has reflected with honesty she can reconnect with and replenish her soul. She lives a life full of meaning, pure happiness and unlimited potential.

With hand cut Mother Of Pearl inlay, our Seeker pendant is subtly etched with the Love Lunamei Blossoming Moon. Mother Of Pearl is known as a protection stone that brings you the gentle healing power of the sea. Our Seeker Necklace has been designed to soothe and calm your emotions so you can reflect with honesty and reconnect to the essence of who you truly are. Wear with one of our layering necklaces in Deep Sea or Paradise Blue or just wear her soul-o.

Seeker Necklace is also available in Silver.